Victim #3's Advice of What to do After Defrauded

Financial Protection

  • immediately report the fraud to the police, Crime Prevention and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
  • immediately report lost or stolen credit/debit cards, driver’s license, social insurance card, passport
  • contact your credit financial institutions
  • cancel cards, change PINS
  • get a credit report (Credit Karma, Equifax, Transunion) and add a fraud alert to your credit file (warns credit grantors you are a victim of credit card fraud)
  • look for any missing cheques
  • consult with several financial advisors, banking ombudsman-options insolvency, bankruptcy
  • regularly monitor your credit cards and bank accounts
  • setup more security (ask your bank) for example add a personal question or phone number for any changes, set low daily limits on your accounts
  • create strong and unique passwords and use different ones
  • always shield your PIN when entering it, ask the person to step back if need be…this is your life’s money
  • shred/destroy any personal and financial information (including preapproved credit cards)
  • keep virus and anti-spy ware up to date on your computer, tablets and phones; do a scan immediately once scammed
  • warn your friends, family and community

Personal Protection

  • change locks in your house
  • exterior video surveillance can let you know if anything over 5’ enters property
  • interior alarm system-alerts if someone opens doors or window, can pay professional or do it yourself
  • have an escape plan
  • take self-defense classes
  • prepare your children for abduction prevention-teach them self-defense
  • get a rape whistle, personal alarm and/or pepper (dog/bear) spray for you and your children
  • inform your neighbors of the threat and ask them to notify the police of any suspicious activity
  • get counselling-learn the lesson, appreciate what you have, don’t let the scammer ruin your future nor anyone else’s
  • get yourself examined for a sexually transmitted disease
  • educate yourself on what happened, to understand: the criminal, why you were targeted, how you can be safer in the future, and that you certainly are not alone, that you are one of many who have been scammed and will continue to be scammed unless everyone takes a stand and reports it

Personal Protection on a Budget

  • switch your house locks-front to back or side
  • get a fake surveillance camera and or put stickers up
  • ask a local club to sponsors you for self-defense
  • ask the police and/or your doctor for free counselling
  • you and your children watch self-defense videos, some are on our web site
  • do what you need to do to become comfortable and empowered to lead a healthy life

Disclaimer - not a trained professional, you must use own good judgement for decisions

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