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Victims of fraud have created the “Stop the March Madness Campaign!” to prevent Marcel Andre Vautour, who uses many alias’ such as “March”, from continuing to defraud people across Canada. March is known to have been preying on men and women from across Canada since 2000. So far there are eight people who were victimized. We believe there are many more who have not come forward as they may be alone, scared, resource-less and embarrassed.
This man makes a good living by locating an “ideal mark” and then shaping his character based on their strengths and weaknesses. He invests a considerable amount of time and money to gain their unequivocal trust before he creates an elaborate investment scheme, romance scheme or various illness schemes designed to separate people from their money.

“Stop the March Madness Campaign” focuses on raising awareness of March, his activities and building a profile of him personally to warn others of his fraudulent intent. Part of the justice that victims are seeking is to prevent further victims from harm. The Campaign is also developing a support system for the victims of March. For most of the victims, the personal damage far exceeds the financial damage. Many have attempted suicide.

If you would like to help us stop March, please participate and donate to our campaign. The funds will be used to locate him, issue a multi-plaintiff civil action against him, provide counselling, self-defence and other support for his victims and coordinate with police across jurisdictions to bring him into the criminal justice system.

Our Story

Why Joining and Acting NOW is so Important

We would like you to stand up for people that are not strong enough to stand up for themselves. They desperately need to know how truth and good-will prevail. They need to be comforted by the outpour of support. They need to be reminded that together we are incredibly strong.

We need to take action immediately for two reasons he is likely working on more victims this very minute and because he may go off the grid into hiding. We know that it took 9 long years for two women to get any sense of justice. We are doing a full media campaign in hopes to stop March now and to bring him to justice in a more reasonable period of time. Your assistance will help us prevent him from hurting more people and save some lives of his current and future victims.


The next victim could be your sister, mother, daughter, brother, father, son.Spread the word today and be a lifesaver!

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